Since it is impossible for hospitality owners and operators to be on premises during all business hours, it is extremely important for the assistant managers to communicate current policies and procedures through daily logs and pre-shift meetings.

Communication is of utmost importance for superb hospitality service which involves preparation, awareness, organization and execution. Restaurants are always in a state of flux, so the best way to keep continuity is for assistant managers to log all pertinent information from the previous shift in a daily logbook such as any service problems or issues, new ideas, staff feedback, incidents--just about anything related to the hospitality service.

This logbook can be summarized in the following days and the issues which need to be discussed or brought to the staff's attention can be done during the daily pre-shift meetings. In the worst case scenario, if problems are building up to a boiling point, then a full staff meeting can be held immediately.

To provide excellent hospitality service, attention to detail is a necessity. If certain occurrences, which the staff and management can learn from are ignored, then the same problems will happen over and over again. If these occurrences are brought to light immediately, then the troubleshooting process will be continuous and as a restaurant owner, you will have a good hold on your staff. Proper communication is mandatory for being successful in the hospitality service business.

Pre-shift meetings must be held with managers and staff before each and every shift to update policies and procedures. It is also extremely important to give staff a chance to speak about what is on their mind. The dining room service staff may bring up a problem that truly needs to be looked at seriously. Or they might be offering a solution as well.

Providing excellent hospitality service is a high stress, pressure cooker of a business with the staff always under a huge amount of pressure. Believe it or not, the amount of pressure in the hospitality service business is only a few steps down from what an airline pilot undergoes.

Therefore, it is imperative to allow the staff to speak their minds or "blow off steam" before the shift. This will relieve some of this stress and possibly diffuse a potential outburst that may occur during a "situation," in front of customers- which is always a bad reflection on the restaurant.

So, keep that communication going non-stop by keeping daily logs and holding pre-shift meetings to improve hospitality service performance.


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  • Too few restaurant managers take the time to hold pre-shift meetings. When we talk about log books its like an aha moment. For restaurants that operate over several shifts a log book is imperative. Thanks for reminding the members of this!

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