I Love My Restaurant Management Job!

by: Marty Tarabar,CPC

How often do you hear these words?  

As a management recruiter, we usually hear the opposite. Restaurant managers send us their resumes, looking for a new position.  When we call to do the initial interview, we always hear what ‘s wrong with their job.

  • They are not appreciated
  • Bonuses and raises were promised and not delivered
  • They are stagnant in their current position with no room for growth

What’s great about recruiting for Gecko Hospitality is being able to place candidates in positions they love, where they get the opportunities they are looking for and the quality of life they are looking for.

Three recent placements come to mind.

Tony - After 8 years working in the contract services side of the hospitality industry, Tony decided to try his hand at managing a full service restaurant. He was very successful.  He was quickly able to build sales, increase profits and put together a good team of employees.  But, he was the only salaried manager at this privately owned restaurant. He had two shift managers who he could depend on, but the success of the restaurant was squarely on Tony’s shoulders. 

He worked mostly closing shifts, leaving the restaurant after 2am.  I was able to place Tony with a local company, working 5 days a week, usually done by 5pm.  When I visited him just last week he was gushing with how wonderful his new position is and how much he enjoys working for his new company.

“I can’t thank you enough, I love this job”  he said.

Ralph – Opening up new hotels is a challenge and Ralph enjoyed it. He had opened new locations for a few different Hotel Management companies, but was longing for a place to call his own.  I’ve talked to Ralph a few times since we placed him at an established property. He had moved to take the position, but is ecstatic about his hotel, the management group he works for and the hotel ownership.

I e-mailed the owner after a recent stay at his hotel and he said “Ralph is doing a fantastic job with the hotel and how he has proven to be such a positive leader for the staff. Ralph has truly been a wonderful fit for us…”  Ralph absolutely loves his job.

Jeff -  I’ve known Jeff for over 6 years. We’ve spoken often, whenever I had a position I thought he might be interested in , I would reach out to him.  Every time we talked he would tell me about the goings on with his company. They changed the bonus structure, they reduced the number of managers, and  payroll was  getting tighter. After almost 8 years, he was no longer enjoying the company he had worked for.

We contacted Jeff about a new opportunity, in fact, he was the first person I thought of when the job order came in to our office. His skills were a match, the lifestyle was what he was looking for, and the owners of the restaurant shared the same beliefs .  His interviews with the new company were great and the owners were excited about bringing Jeff in to the fold.

Jeff loves his new job.

The right job is out there!  Sometimes you fall into it by accident and sometimes the job finds you.


 I love my job!

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