There are many types of patrons these days, I mean many types of diets that patrons are following. I have personally experimented with many diets over the years. One of my favorite diets happens to be the raw food diet. Raw foodists are probably onre of the hardest patrons to take care of with a well thought out meal. Most vegans are happy with mushrooms, rice and some other vegetable. But now try to take care of vegan without cooking any of the food.

A raw foodist will typically not eat food that has had been heated past 118F. The real challenge is that lots of ingredients that we would think are raw really are not raw. For example most raw almonds or cashews are not raw for a raw foodist. Cashews are steam extracted and almonds are heat or chemical treated. Lots of people think that milk or cheese is raw but those are all pasteurized. And most raw foodists will not consume dairy. I explain all of this in the video attached.

Why do people eat raw food?
Most people eat raw food for added nutrition. The vital life force of the food is intact. Enzymes are key to nutrition for these people. I have personally seen people drop 200lbs on a raw food diet over the course of a year. It is amazing to see this kind of transformation. When I eat raw I have an significantly increased energy level.

I have attached a video that goes into more detail on raw food. I mention a couple of easy recipes that can be made in minutes. As a general rule I keep couple of raw options on my menu that are under the vegan selections.

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  • Thanks for blogging about this trending topic Marcus. Coming from a household where my Mom is a vegan and does eat raw foods a lot, I love that raw foods & restaurants are becoming more mainstream. Like you said, even in Oklahoma raw restaurants are popping up. Here in the SF Bay Area we have always had options when it comes to vegetarian and health conscience restaurants. In the last few years raw restaurants emerging more and more. One of my favorites is Cafe Gratitude which has I think three locations across the Bay Area. Check it out next time you're out our way.

    PS- Your son is super cute, great addition to the video.
  • @Sarah thanks for the support. Cottage cheese is pasteurized, so no go there. Yogurt in not raw either. There is a raw milk moment in the US. So check with a local farmer, it might be out there.

    Keywords are tough. The best bet is going to a health food store and asking them about raw foods. That would be the best starting place.
  • @Michael awesome job!!! Check out these restaurant links,, These places do gourmet raw. This is raw food heaven.
  • Love love love this Marcus. Thank you so much for sharing. Sounds like a great way to improve eating habits. Think I might give it a shot. I know you mentioned cheese as not raw but what about cottage cheese? What key words should I look for on products that will clue me in to the fact that they are raw?
  • @Michael
    The more raw you can eat the better. Even if you eat 50-60% raw you are in great shape. This level is a great start. 80% or more is awesome. Breakfast could be the easiest to start. The experts are split on eating at night. I have believe that eating raw at night is best. It is easier to digest while you are sleeping.
    Cleansing is always great. Most people believe that eating raw is on ongoing cleanse. But you can always give yourself a jump start with more intense cleanses.

    cooked food is so addictive, so some people go all or nothing.
  • @ Jim, glad to see you here. After all you told me about this site. See you in Chicago.
  • Hey, I know you! love the blog
  • If I were to eat raw one meal a day, would I see some of the benefits that you've mentioned in your post? Which meal is best to eat raw (my guess would be breakfast)? Is it an "all or nothing" type thing? On another note, do you recommend cleansing before starting a raw food diet?
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