How To Feast On The Import Boom

For all of the professional buyer “food fanatics” out there, you can now buy a symphony of favors from worldwide sources and deliver exciting products to your foodservice organization.  U.S. food imports soared to a record $108 billion last year; most of these products were purchased online, from gourmet groceries or specialty foodservice distributors.

Despite the fabulous market potential and variety of products available to today’s foodservice buyer, the great majority of restaurants chains do not import products or stretch their food imagination to find interesting foods and ingredients. Fortunately, you can shop the world markets online, or attend fancy food shows (San Francisco and New York shows are the best!) to globalize your recipes, sides and menu offerings. 

Our firm imports products from the Middle East, Italy and Asia, for exciting new emerging chains that have a mission of bringing the delicious flavors of “home” to America. When you next visit Denver, stop by Alon Mor’s, “Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill?  You gotta love these guys! 

In addition to making sure that your café, QSR, hotel, cafeteria or food truck is the epitome of culinary hospitality, you will also be cash proofing your menu by offering authentic tasty cuisines such as; Lebanese, Indian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, and my all-time favorites, Mexican, Thai, and Italian!   

One of the most important duties of the modern foodservice buyer has is to research markets for new products and develop strategic sourcing initiatives to support the success of their foodservice organizations. 

Most restaurants use a menu cycle, feature promotional items, daily specials or the layout of the menu allows for the insertion of a new item.  A curious buyer looks behond the horison of the current menu for new items – this makes the work satisfying and challenging. 

To Higher Profits!



Fred Favole is Founder & President of Strategic Purchasing Services, America’s most experienced purchasing firm, specializing in outsourcing, commodity management and new product development.  His contact information:  P: 912.634.0030, e-mail:  or connect with Fred on Linked IN.




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