How to Engage with Your Guest via Mobile

There are a few different ways to create an interactive experience for your guests with mobile. Two will be mentioned here. One of them is more common than the other. One of them is cutting edge. One of them can bring in a crowd on a slow night. One of them will create buzz and engage with your guests on an unseen level.

SMS Messaging. Engage with your guests via text messaging. The International Telecommunication Union reports that 6.1 trillion SMS messages will be sent this year. That's 200,000 every second. The ITU's data also says that there will be 5.3 billion mobile subscriptions by the end of 2010. The mobile phone is becoming ubiquitous. That means opportunity for those willing to take advantage of it.

I've seen text messaging loyalty programs used by many restaurants. Your guests text in RestaurantName to shortcode 39970 and they get put on a list (like an e-mail list). This is all opt-in. You can send a text message on upcoming events, discounts, and more. Some text messaging services start as little as $35/month. New York Times said that text message marketing may be the "closest thing in the information-overloaded digital marketing world to a guaranteed read." Think about that. Having a slow night at your restaurant or bar? Send out a text blast to your audience and offer them a discount to come in. That message will reach them wherever they are. I've heard that this works very well.

Interactive mobile video. Interact on a level that I have never seen before. Combine QR codes, mobile video, and a mobile website, and the possibilities are fascinating. If you're unfamiliar with QR codes, I wrote about them here. Do you have a business that has some type of healthy food that you want to educate people on? Or maybe there is a special dish and you want to highlight the importance of certain ingredients? Or maybe you just want to do something never done before and be the case study?

Imagine being a guest in your restaurant looking at the menu and ordering. You have a flyer on the table with a few QR codes and the dish names. Someone scans a QR code, gets taken to a mobile website with a video, links to share, and links to your Facebook/Twitter pages. They touch the video and see a video that is hosted on Youtube. They can learn about how it was made, the healthy ingredients involved, or simply how good it looks. Optimize your Youtube video properly, and you can also get some SEO juice from being on Youtube (the world's second largest search engine). This mobile content is on their personal device, it's sharable, and it gives them a chance to further connect with you on desired social networks.

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Matthew Gallizzi, CEO of notixtech, helps businesses take advantage ofcutting edge mobile technologies. This includes mobile websites, mobile feedback solutions, mobile video, and QR code technology. notixtech
builds solutions on their content management system that puts the end-user in control.

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  • Love this!!! Trying to learn more about how and where to begin ~ we're a little behind. We have a website and FB page but nothing for mobile marketing.
  • Matthew,
    Love, love, love QR codes, but I find our customers SO very far behind in the technology. Those who get it really dig in and love that we provide the medium, but 95% simply aren't aware that it exists.
This reply was deleted.

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