Yesterday, a few of us from FohBoh ventured down to Orange County to visit one of our clients. For lunch we went to Houston's, located in Irvine, CA. Upon entry we we're greeted enthusiastically by Britt, one of their bartenders. "Hi there! Did you guys check out my pumpkin yet??" He explained to us that their staff was each given a pumpkin to carve and then guests would vote on which they liked best.

I must say this guy had serious pumpkin carving skills. He made his pumpkin look like a hamburger using pieces of the stem for pickles, shavings for toppings and seeds to make the top look like a bun. A-MAZING!

Not only did Houston's give us an excellent experience in terms of our meal (I had a freshly made DELICIOUS veggie burger) but they gave us something to talk about.

This was a fun way for their restaurant to get their team members excited and gives them a topic to get their guests excited as well. How are your restaurants and businesses getting in to the Halloween spirit?

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  • That guy is a genius; well done! What a cool concept and great way to build synergy and comradery amongst co-workers. By the way, when I think of pumpkin carving, I always think about this one:
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