We're all bound by ideals, beliefs and myths around what we think is true.  We take a look at "8 Myths of Social Media for Restaurants" in this post.  We assembled the list, in no specific order from anecdotal sources; conversations and ongoing industry research. 

Here are 8 prominent myths about social media in the restaurant industry we came up with -
  1. Myth 1 – My customers are not using social media
  2. Myth 2 – I don’t have time to post! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? Where does it stop?
  3. Myth 3 – It takes too much time; I have business to run here
  4. Myth 4 – We’re a full service dining establishment; our customers don’t tweet, blog
  5. Myth 5 – We have a blog already on our website, why would I need a Facebook page?
  6. Myth 6 – If you post too often, you’ll be annoying
  7. Myth 7 – We have to post about our restaurant every day?!
  8. Myth 8 – Once it is set up, our profiles and fan pages can be left alone, except for when we post links
We certainly realize that the list could have contained a lot more, but these are the few we came up with - what would you add to the list?
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