Getting New Customers For Your Restaurant

It’s the holiday season, people are going out to eat and your restaurant will be seeing new faces. That’s great. Did you ever think about your strategy for attracting new customers all year-long?

Part of your marketing plan for 2012 should be a strategy for getting and keeping new customers . What are you doing to increase trial at your restaurant? There are some of the basic strategies such as advertising in the local paper or coupon book, but have you considered about how getting involved with your local community can bring new faces to your restaurant?

Here is a strategy for you to consider. Have you though about how the local school can help you generate new traffic? Almost every organization out there has a need for additional funding. In the example of the local school, perhaps they are trying to raise funds for new playground equipment. By using a loyalty program that has a fundraising component you can tap into the power of the community to help them generate funds, and help you drive new traffic to your restaurant. This new traffic, since it is associated with a school, will bring you families with children which will help raise your check averages. The fact that you are helping the school with a small donation will also help to increase purchase frequency.

All great news. The fact that it is part of a loyalty program will also generate consumer data such as email address, birthday transaction history and other information to help you build an ongoing relationship with that consumer. Long term, this will help you build sales by being part of the community and building a relationship with your customer. What a great way to get new customers for your restaurant.

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