Foursquare for Restaurants: An Infographic

We’re pretty much data fanatics at It’s a calling. We finally decided to put our data nerd-dom to good use: Check out our first infographic, Foursquare in the Big Apple. Over one month we tracked checkins, new visits and tips at 618 NYC restaurants using the Foursquare venues API. And when the data was in, we turned it over to the ever talented Susie Forbath, our design intern.

Most helpful will be the day-by-day breakdown of Foursquare activity, highlighting the kinds of customers and messages that can be most effective. 

Key Takeaways:

  • There was minimal difference in check in behavior between restaurants with managed and unmanaged Foursquare accounts.
  • Independent restaurants generally had much better Foursquare engagement than did chains (except for Starbucks which is doing just fine).
  • 61% of Foursquare check ins on Saturdays are from new customers; and Monday-Wednesday is slow for check ins but heavy for loyal, repeat customers.
  • There's also some enjoyable highlights that shed light on how users interact with brands on Foursquare, like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds and local NYC favorite Shake Shack.


Links to the Infographic and Data:


Feel free to share. We hope you find it helpful and fun.

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