Four Years = 1,460 days = 5.2% of a lifetime

While Yogi Berra didn't originate the quote "numbers are clearly important to those who count on them", he could have.

1,460 days is exactly 4 years, assuming the 365-day calendar is the one we all share. Four years is equal to 32 dog years. One can almost earn a college degree in four years. The world cup happens every four years as does the Olympics, Leap years, Presidential elections and even a Lunar Eclipse. The reality is, four years is a long time for a person but it's a very short amount of time in the life of a new business. What four years represents to me is 5.2% of my expected lifetime, assuming I only live to 76 and I sure hope I beat that by at least a decade. My Father's still flirting with his "lady friends" in the senior center at 87 :-)! Time is indeed a precious commodity.

I look at time differently than I did 20 years ago. Hell, I look at time differently than I did four years ago. Time just seems to accelerate when you are busy...there is just never enough time.

So, what's happened since October 26th, 2007 - 1,460 days ago? FohBoh was born. I was busy writing the business plan and readying the original FohBoh community for launch on November 1st 2008. I think of all the hundreds of thousands of people FohBoh has connected in 183 countries. The companies bought and sold because they were discovered on FohBoh. I think of the many hundreds of thousands of air miles, 144 hotel nights and over 5 month away from home meeting Foodservice industry people, making friends, building relationships, establishing partnerships, closing clients, working with our incredible FohBoh team members and evangelizing Foodservice Social Media to many thousands of industry stakeholders.

In four years we have grown and evolved as a social media company. Beginning as a Restaurant Social Network then a Social Media Management System and now, a Social Media Customer Intelligence platform that brings all we do into context as a center online navigation point. It feels good knowing who you are and what you do with a certain amount of clarity. Social media is so fuzzy that being able to hold onto a business model for four years without it becoming obsolete is a miracle.

Four years of learning about the social web technology and the social media insights and analytics and how it is changing our lives and I am still the student. I learn every day how data is both friend and foe. How data moves from content to insights to ideas and why data needs a home. What we do affects business decisions and therefore, lives.

We live in interesting times. We live in fast times and we spend billions of hours social networking with our friends and family. We use our thumbs to play Angry Birds more than 16 years a day - that's 200 million minutes a month! Time is a precious currency and we should spend it wisely. I have committed 5.2% of my lifetime to this little company with big data ambitions. So, what's my ROI? What's your personal ROI where you work? At the end of the day, and we all have a finite number of those, we should be confident we did everything we could to make it a good one.   

So, on FohBoh's fourth anniversary, I say thank you to our shareholders and clients and members and to all those who make what we do here worth our precious commitment of time. We serve the Foodservice industry and those that share our passion for it.

Make time count.

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  • I'm honored to be apart of this team and taking this exciting ride with you. Cheers to the next 4 years!
  • Paul, thanks for the kind words ad your personal commitment to making the Foodservice community a better place.


    Jeffry, happy 35th! I remember that :-). I appreciate you active involvement in this community.


    MaryLynn, ah, thanks for the note and for your participation and leadership here. 


    Rod, you rock, as my number one fan, our most frequent and longest FohBohist blogger and shine as one of the industry's biggest influencers. Happy to have you here.

  • Michael, congrats on a great creation and continued execution.  Whatever the ROI is, and I hope that it is considerable, may you be filled with personal gratification over ongoing acheivement.  Thank you and best regards, always.
  • Congratulation on you 4 Year Anniversary! I'm happy to share such an important day with you, as today is my 35th Birthday! I have a good feeling that this year will be very significant to my professional growth & I look forward to any advice &/or help I can get from my fellow fohboh members.
  • Happy Anniversary - Happy Birthday - And Congrats!   You've made great strides and best wishes for long continued sucess!
  • Amen.  Thanks, Michael, for all you, Sarah, Emerald, and FohBoh have done for this industry and community.
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