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Foodservice social media and how we as an industry use it, changes every day. The technologies that support our efforts online; listening, engaging, marketing and measuring our activity and ultimate its return, are continuing to evolve. FohBoh has become somewhat of a magnet for technology vendors seeking both our opinion and our endorsement. From new POS and tablet menu providers to mobile loyalty and reservation apps to fully-baked social media management and social CRM platforms seeking our counsel on the best way to integrate best-in-breed solutions for both chains and independent operators. It's exciting, flattering and a little overwhelming at the same time. 

We are witnessing a technology driven transformation of the food and foodservice industries. Restaurant + technology + food + technology is affecting change and rapidly. 

The image above is a simple model for the social media process and it's at the core of Customer Experience Management. It's cynical because conversations and online marketing campaigns, never stop. In fact, you want conversations to accelerate and syndicate. In each of the six elements, there are many dozens of technology vendors seeking clients and providing services. Like everything, some are better than others. That's where we come in. Because FohBoh has a unique combination of foodservice domain expertise and social media practical experience since 2007 anyway, we are getting a lot of calls. These calls are from private equity, venture capitalists and CEO's of very cool technology companies seeking access to a big fragmented marketplace. 

We welcome your thoughts. What tech are you using to listen/monitor online conversations? How about to engage with your customers interactively? How are you publishing your content and what technologies work best for accelerating your brand message? Most important, at least to us, is what tools do you find most valuable when measuring the effectiveness of your social media management efforts and why?

The FohBoh restaurant community is very unique. We are richer more relevant content and have far more depth and layers than just a discussion forum or group on generic social networks. Your industry opinion matters and because of this context, it will help us better service our operator members and the technologists seeking to provide solutions to managing customer experience problems using the social web.

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