FOHcus: Social Media ReMixt

FOHcus: Social Media ReMixt

Is it just me, or do the social media experts gurus 'dance instructors' have a habit of knocking into the record player right when the music gets good?


I know, I know. They just want to tell us all how to dance, how to do this social networking thing the 'correct way'. They have all the right moves, know the words to all the songs, and love showing us how we should be moving our feet on the social networking dance floor. Instruction and guidance are critical to the learning process, but at some point, you have to start trusting yourself to come up with a few of your own moves.

Social networking is active. It's awkward and clumsy and sweaty and real. We're writing and listening and creating and thinking, often in multiple mediums. We're finding new ways to communicate exuberance and brilliance (that HD video feature on your smart phone is there for a reason). We're broadcasting our passion across multiple channels, reaching out to kindred spirits. It's about hope and inspiration, the confluence of various forms of expression coming together in ways that are truly revolutionary. It's about experimentation, taking risks, saying what's on our mind, being vulnerable.

Is it always these things? Of course not. But it can be these things.

Make no mistake. The business case for all this activity must be made, but for the love of Ga Ga, can't we all just dance for a while before we turn the lights on and look for our car keys? We now have access to powerful community building tools that didn't even exist just a few years ago. That's pretty incredible.

But, if you're already past the 'holy cow, I now have the ability to connect with almost anyone using a variety of incredibly powerful online tools that are mostly free' phase and onto the 'where's the ROI on social media, I need to see the payoff now' phase, perhaps you need to put down that glass of Kool-Aid and get out on the dance floor.

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  • This is such an excellent analogy you have here. Social Media is a lot like dancing. The cool kids can show you how to move but at some point you have to listen to the beat, go with your gut and jump right in. So what if you make a mistake at some point? At least you're having fun.

    Thanks for the creative words FohBro.
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