FOHcus: Grabbing FohBoh By The Tail

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.
-Henry Ford

Coming together on FohBoh is easy.
There's no cost to become a member, no lengthy contract to review. Within seconds of signing up, you have instant access to thousands of your peers, countless blogs and discussion groups (updated multiple times a day), videos, photos, and other forms of content relevant to the restaurant industry.

Keeping together on FohBoh is slightly harder.
Let's face it. Each one of us has a limited amount of energy to devote to social networking. The choices keep expanding, but no one is handing out more time. You have to choose where to focus your efforts. As foodservice professionals, it makes sense to have an online destination that delivers on three key needs: 1) connection with other industry professionals 2) information relevant to your industry 3) opportunities to develop and broadcast your voice.

It's the working together part that really poses the greatest challenge.
That takes effort. The members who really fuel this network are tremendously dedicated to the process. Blogging, commenting, discussing, and collaboration takes time. Those of us who have invested ourselves in FohBoh are starting to see returns. Fresh connections, a broadened perspective, new ideas, expert advice, community support, validation, inspiration, as well as controversy, debate, and rebuttal.

FohBoh is the collective brain trust of the emerging 'socially networked' restaurant industry, a virtual repository of ideas and experiences that is deepening every day. It's time to reach out and make some new connections, to build new 'neural pathways' between our members, and stimulate the thought exchange on FohBoh.

To all of you have made a new connection, updated your profile, submitted a blog, or are just getting your feet wet with this whole concept of a social network, I want to personally thank you.

See on FohBoh, you
Michael Biesemeyer
Community Manager

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  • Michael,

    Good post. All I do everyday is work in socialmedia, for my business and our clients. I remember Michael Atkinson posting last fall about the need to hibernate now and then. My energy levels are complete extrovert 29 days a month and complete introvert 2 days a month.

    It is a village though. Being responsible for nuturing your village is my main focus in all I do. UI use social media as one of my tools to accomplish this.

    Th means contributing content and engaging my relationships - and furthering the good causes and efforts of my neighbors, my villageres.

    I enjoyed our FB chat this morning about my emergent gestalt belief of social media and look forward to more conversation with you.
  • Love this! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to YOU for doing everything you do for our FohBoh community. You bring it purpose, passion and a whole new view of the restaurant industry. I love how FohBro has really become the face of our community. I know our best days our ahead of us and I am excited how far you have brought the FohBoh community and even MORE excited to see you bring it to its next levels.

    PS - I don't think Rowand could get ANY cuter!
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