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When I first joined FohBoh, I almost immediately began to feel an expanded sense of awareness as a food server. I would spend a few minutes on site each day, reading content, posting blogs of my own, and interacting with all of you. I would almost always leave FohBoh with some new piece of understanding or insight, something that enhanced my experience tableside. Networking in such an industry-specific environment with people who speak my language has been a transformative experience. I've been introduced to new ways of viewing my profession, and have been able to apply this directly to my work.

This is the power of social networking.

For the longest time, my circle of influence was limited to the people I worked with. If I had a difficult night at work, I could only process it with my coworkers or my family and friends. That was very limiting, and I often felt like I was running in place. I now have a forum where I can present an issue to thousands of industry people, and get feedback almost immediately. This is important to me, to my development as a person and as a professional.

FohBoh changed the game for me. Connecting with restaurant industry professionals is now as important to me as learning about new dishes, wine vintages, or service issues, etc. Participating in this environment makes me more valuable as a service professional for one simple reason: it's an indication that I'm looking past my nose for guidance and direction.

So, having said all that, FohBoh has added yet another tool that will further enliven the conversation. FohBoh has always been about creating a community for the restaurant industry. Now, we're focusing on making our community 'smarter.'

The new chat feature on FohBoh gives you even greater access to the members of your network. Take a look at this short video (1:30) to get a better sense of FohChat, an instant messaging feature that we've recently added to FohBoh.

See You on FohBoh!
Michael Biesemeyer
Community Manager

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  • Hi Michael. Top article and you write an exelent page, when I first joyned FOHBOH, I felt inedequare, because of my writing abilities are inedequate, as you  may have found out, and as I slowly whent on, stayed away for while, returned reading article such as yours, made me feel a little more confortable, so here I am responding to you, you are wright, there is a treasure of talent in FOHBOH, that are knowledgable and generous with theyr knowledge, when I first read about Patti Di Vita, on Waiters world, about her experiance and how she followes her dream, she is a professional and insperational, she ia a member, all the new comers should check out her page on FOH,  you too Micheal keep the great work up. Giuseppe
  • Michael-
    I couldn't agree more. I am also slowly finding my way into the community, which is enhancing my life both professionally and personally. Thanks for sharing and hopfully we will FOHChat sometime.
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