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I came across a blog post the other day written by the former Community Manager at LEGO. In looking back, he describes LEGO as being 'a fantastic meme'. Well, I wasn't entirely sure of what a meme was, so I clicked over to Wikipedia to get even more confused:

A meme is a unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

After a minute or two of puzzlement, something clicked. Because I'm always trying to relate everything back to social media and FohBoh, I began wondering how this could be applied to the foodservice industry. FohBoh is not just a clever name for a social network, it's dynamic terminology that conjures up shifts spent buried in the weeds, the frustration of dealing with demanding guests, the rush of a 50% gratuity, the sound of garlic hitting an oiled pan, and the feeling of walking to your car after a particularly difficult shift.

So, when you think about your experiences in the foodservice industry, what are some of your memes? How are we creating 'ideas that get passed from one mind to another'? Let's get a list going. There must be hundreds of these floating around in the heads of our community. Here are a few FohBoh memes that I've come up with:

FohBoh is stopping to pick up a dropped napkin for the same guest for the third time and replacing it with a smile.

FohBoh is offering to check with the chef when a guest's food allergies drastically limits their choices to what's available on the menu.

FohBoh is working 70 hours a week in a hot, windowless kitchen for near minimum wage in order to gain skills that are vital to your career.

FohBoh is opening wine for a table with grace and interest, even though they brought three bottles with them.

FohBoh is going to other restaurants and engaging with the staff, studying their behavior, and offering constructive feedback when appropriate.

FohBoh is discovering new tools that will enhance your service delivery, connecting with other professionals, and using this stage in your career as an opportunity to learn and grow as a human being.

See You On FohBoh!
Michael Biesemeyer
Manager of Online Communities

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  • Keep 'em coming!
  • Thanks for getting my response posted Michael!
  • FohBoh is telling insistent, and sometimes irate, customers on the phone that window and patio tables are on a first-come first-serve basis, and we cannot promise them a particular table, all the while keeping a smile in your voice.
  • These came from FohBoh member Christopher Rovez:

    Foboh is agreeing to cook dinner for the 2 people that sat down at the bar at 12 minutes past the hour that the kitchen closes and you just finished wiping down the last of the soap suds from your nightly line scrub.

    Foboh is agreeing to honor the gift certificate that the client "misplaced", the one that his daughter gave im for his 75th birthday

    Fohboh is jumping behind the line (in you new dress shirt) on your night off because the guys are getting buried in tickets and all you did was come in to grab your paycheck.

    Fohboh is writing your 15th gift certificate for a free dinner for two to the 15th charitable organization that has hit you up this month.

    Fohboh is removing the enntree from the check for the client who has just licked her plate clean...but tells the server that it just wasn't as good as she thought it was going to be.

    Fohboh is your bartender telling the whole team at pre-meal that there is a posting on that says your restaurant is the only place you should ever visit when you are in the area

    There are thousands more...


    Chef Chris

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