Five Mistakes Restaurants Make On Facebook

So many restaurants use social media marketing to reach out to more customers, but many don't heed simple etiquette or choose to ignore common mistakes many before them have made. Don't jeopardize your company's successes by ignoring the warnings and angering your future customers. Be cautious in your advertising endeavors and use the tips from the article below to avoid the faux pas of Facebook marketing.

1.  Current and future customers who check out your Facebook page do so because they are seeking news and updates on your company. They want to see something fresh and new on a regular basis. Don't make the mistake of repeating yourself daily or abandoning your page altogether. Many restaurants start out doing everything right and then stop updating, so they leave their Facebook pages to linger in the dark.

2.  Even though this is a social media page, don't make the unprofessional choice of mixing your personal life with your restaurant. For example, maybe someone in your family just got married. This is definitely not the page to let everyone know about it. The posts and content you put on your page should only deal with your company and nothing else. Personal posts are a great turn off for customers, so avoid making this mistake!

3.  People usually click on your page because they are already interested in your restaurant, but it is your job to keep your audience captivated as well. Post interesting facts or things that are going on behind the scenes in your restaurant. Take a quick picture of your office or of what goes on behind the computer screen. People love to see the "pretty face" behind every restaurant. Make your customers feel like "friends" on your page, and provide them with relevant information on your company.

4.  There is a reason that the guy next to you may do better in social media marketing than you. This is a great time to take a moment and see what other successful restaurants are doing to captivate the interests of their customer and fan base. It may be something simple, or you may realize that everything you have done so far is off-base. Don't be afraid to critique yourself a bit. Chances are, you don't know everything and that's not a problem! With a little bit of research and taking notes, you can be just as successful as the guy next to you.

5.  Customers love dealing with restaurants that interact with them. Don't claim to offer customer service; go out there and actually offer it! If someone posts a question on your Facebook page, promptly answer it within 24 hours. Customers want to know that you are paying attention to their posts. Answer simple comments too. If someone says "Hey, really nice company!" tell them "Thank you" or repay the gesture by visiting their profile page and posting a comment. Having the right products is only half of the work. The other half is being good at offering support and customer service interaction.

Social media marketing is a great and affordable way to market your restaurant without emptying your wallet. However, if done the wrong way, it can lead to more disaster than success. Don't make a rookie mistake, instead follow all the faux pas advice you have just learned and you will be on your way to increasing your profit margin!


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