Everything bagels, at GTBagel, morphed! Thank you Professor Richard Diamond for bringing it to my attention:) Richard is a Law Professor at Georgetown University Law School, a bagel aficionado, regular customer, and when he takes the time to shoot me an email, I listen. In his words,

I LOVE your bagelry. I buy them by the dozen at the store off River Road. And, I would know a good bagel. I am from NYC, where all the bagels used to be boiled first and blueberry and raisin bagels were considered heresy. But, I have one problem. It is your “Everything” bagels. You do not really have everything bagels. What you have is “multi-seed” bagels. There is no onion, no garlic, no salt. And, consequently, they taste drab. I always thought that the people who thought up everything bagels did it to use the left over toppings for all the other bagels. That is why they always had a little of everything. It would not take much, just a hint of onion or garlic. But, I am getting desperate. I have now switched totally to onion bagels and life is just not complete. Would you consider changing your topping on everything bagels?

Your ardent fan, RD.

We put all seeds on the ET bagels, but onion was definitely missing. After thinking about why we decided to leave off the onion, we remembered…we use chopped onions whereas in NYC, for the most part, bakers use minced onions which are less expensive and more granular. Chopped onions tend to burn on ET bagels because they’re more exposed. Chopped onions on “onion” bagels are perfect. At one point we decided baked, chopped, onions were too dark and flavorless. We don’t bake as many garlic & salt bagels so there are typically more poppy and sesame seeds on ET bagels. Are you guys following me? We use left over seeds from the other bagels for ET bagels.

Seeds on the bagels are very important. It’s not as easy as it looks to balance the seed flavors on an ET bagel. It doesn’t work to throw together the stray seeds from poppy, sesame, onion, salt, & garlic bagels because we don’t use the same amount of seeds or bake the same amount of bagels for the different varieties. Frankly, I cannot believe I’m writing about this, but let me tell you, when you eat an imbalanced ET bagel, it will tick you off. We are adding a little more salt & garlic, cutting back on the poppy (poppy tend to hog space on the bagel & the other seeds don’t stick…how about that)? We’ve added chopped onion. Yes, I believe the flavor sensation is potent yet well-balanced.

I hope Richard’s pleased. I know I am. Fact is, we have to continually stay conscious of the process to make sure our ET bagels don’t get morphed. If you want a great pleasure sensation, try a scooped whole wheat ET with lox, cream cheese, red onion, & tomato.

Thank you Richard Diamond. We love you.

P.S. Stay tuned for the date and time for the "New Everything Bagel Party.
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  • I really like your transparency and willingness to really listen to customer input and then ACT on it. Impressive! I'm taking a trip to DC in August..maybe I can stop by and try some of your bagels!
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