I recently stumbled upon this article from Health magazine: America’s Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants.  As a secret lover of fast food (a treat that I only enjoy on road trips) I was intrigued. Surprisingly, there were more restaurants listed that I haven’t I have never even heard of, much less visited.


Time to investigate.


Jason’s Deli

This place snagged the number two spot on Health’s list.  Apparently 1/5 of Jason’s food is organic, and they offer foods which are normally foreign to the fast food world, such as spinach and whole wheat wraps.  They get bonus points from me since they offer nutritional information on their website, and the menu really does look delicious: I’ll take the spinach veggie wrap and a cup of vegan french onion soup, please!


Au Bon Pain

I’ve never visited, but I imagine it to be similar to Panera Bread.  I love that they offer a menu made up only of small plates, all for under 200 calories.  And really, with ingredients like chickpeas and blue cheese on the menu, how can you even call this fast food?


Noodles & Company

This place offers whole grain linguini and organic tofu, as well as more traditional ingredients like macaroni and cheese or pasta salad.  I’m sold on the variety of options and their under 500 calorie menu.


Corner Bakery Cafe

This place was a favorite of mine in college, but I wasn’t so health-centric back then.  Nowadays if I were to visit, I’d be interested in the egg whites instead of the whole eggs, and the oatmeal instead of the croissants!  They also have a rockin’ selection of salads.  My favorite part?  Their website’snutrition section has lists of menu items by category “Low calorie,” “Vegetarian,” “Low carb,” in addition to full nutrition information listings.


Atlanta Bread Company

I’ve heard fantastic things about this place!  One look at their website and I’m sold: they offer “muffin tops” — the kind that don’t cause muffin tops, if you know what I mean.  They also provide a full listing of nutrition information on their website.


Einstein Bros. Bagels

Sidenote: Did you know that Einstein is owned by the same company as Noah’s Bagels?  I’m pretty sure their menus are almost identical, and equally delicious.  I love all the new healthy offerings they are selling lately, from the new “bagel thins,” to the reduced fat smears and veggie-full salads.


Taco Del Mar

Why have I never been here?!  Taco Del Mar has a whole wheat tortilla option, and has banned lard from their beans.  They also offer full nutrition information and a special “low cal,” menu, a vegan menu, and a gluten free menu!


So there you have it, folks…a healthier way to eat fast food in America.


Do you think “fast food” and “healthy” are two worlds that can co-exist?

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