Emplyee party sets stage for regional Challenge.

The annual employee party for the Cook's Lobster House team was the stepping stone for what is now a goal to be the regional best at restaurant challenge. Two intense competitions were held for the right to be called the best. The Server obstacal course. Servers walk and run through a course carrying four martini glasses full to the top, trying to avoid spilling. The second compititon was a silverware sorting competition. Speed and acurracy were the key to success here.

The party was an effort to thank the 2010 crew for their hard work and to get them excited about the upcoming season. Building a team and instilling pride for  the skills that all areas of the restaurant have developed over the years.

The employees had such a good time and were so pleased with their skill levels that they have put out a challenge to the region. " Build your team and practice because we are looking for some competition from our neighbor restaurants". The call has been put out and hopefully pride and courage will bring the regions restaurants together for Restaurant Challenge.

What types of games or challenges do you put on for your employees to build morale and a team?


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