Employee Performance: Invest In It

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I’m sure many business owners, or should I say great business leaders, take a moment to think about their employees from time to time. Perhaps they ponder about ways to boost and encourage creativity within the workplace or how to keep employees motivated, among other things.

Motivation itself is usually not a problem. Incentives and perks, along with personal recognition and professional satisfaction usually keep employees striving to meet higher goals. What employers should focus on the most is keeping their teams enthusiastic about their work goals and keeping them personally invested in the company, so it’s more like a mission than just a job.

Use the tips below to guide your focus:

Inspire to Aspire

Encourage your employees to set attainable goals and share them amongst team members. The best time to do this is at the beginning of a quarter. This will provide a platform that makes everyone feel they’re a part of something whole, giving them a sense of contribution. It also instills immediate accountability, which is another perk of this tactic.

Evaluations Go a Long Way

In order to help employees better perform, they must know where they stand within the company. At the end of each quarter, employers should evaluate each person’s work, determine how their efforts are effecting the growth of the company and communicate this feedback to them. Express to them that their hard work is not going unnoticed. After successes are measured, this is the perfect time to have everyone set new individual goals, as well as goals for the entire team.

Rewards and Perks

Every company has top performers and every employer should become attuned to what makes their top performers tick, and reward them accordingly; typical offerings include sports tickets, gift cards, subscriptions and more. At the same time, other team members should be given the opportunity to earn more generic rewards.

How to you keep enthusiasm high in your company? How do you reward your top performers?

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