Do You Have Time for Restaurant Marketing

It’s mid-October and the leaves are falling. Some parts of the country have already seen the first snowfall. You know what this means, your restaurant is entering into the busy season with the upcoming holidays.

Great News… maybe. Are you prepared to do everything that needs to be done?

This is the time of year to strike while the iron is hot. The competition will be tough; everybody is competing for the consumer’s discretionary dollar. Your competition is not just the restaurant down the street; it’s the club stores, the supermarkets, the gas companies and the online retailers. The consumer only has so much money to spend and everybody wants it.

You will be swamped with so many activities to do, but you will need to ramp up your marketing efforts to be competitive. Time organization is a must to do all of the activities. Here is just a small snapshot of what needs to be done:

  • Create awareness with a stepped up email marketing program.
  • Aggressively promote your restaurant with social media.
  • Train your servers to be your marketing ambassadors with a great guest experience.
  • Make sure your loyalty program is running at full speed.
  • Prepare a program for marketing gift cards.
  • Have a profitable seasonal menu designed to increase sales.

So much to do with so little time. These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to have a partnership with a restaurant marketing company to let you focus on running your restaurant and let them drive sales for your business. A carefully structured program can be a win-win for all in which their services have a substantial ROI for your restaurant.

For more information on restaurant marketing programs that generate sales and have a significant ROI, contact CORE Restaurant Marketing for more information.

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  • Very true, Joe! It's an important time for restaurants to start reading themselves for the holidays. Preparing a marketing program for gift cards is especially important. 

  • Excellent point. While developing and retaining customer loyalty would seem to be an issue when using a deep discount couponing program such as how many use Groupon, does this same issue exist in your mind with all couponing?  Any experience with how Living Social compares with Groupon in this regard?  How about experience with Gobza?  Here is a link to the Gobza web site if you are interested in reviewing or learning more:  Any insights as to how Groupon, Living Social, Gobza and other couponing programs compare with each other and/or experience with using these programs in a way that actually allows one to develop and retain customer loyalty would be appreciated?  Thanks.

  • The simple question to ask with most of those programs is "who is the consumer loyal to". Most of the consumers are just following the deal and it does not foster a program of loyalty to the restaurant. The restaurant must have a definitive way to capture and convert those consumers to be loyal to their brand after the traffic generation program is completed.

  • How do couponing programs such as Groupon,  Living Social and Gobza fit into your overall recommendations for restaurant marketing. Based on some limited research, Groupon and Living Social seem to have a real following among restaurants, but also seem to have some shortcomings in terms of how deep of a discount one needs to offer, the cost of offering and control over the overall marketing program.  Gobza appears to be very interesting with fewer shortcomings, but the service is still very new and just now expanding beyong Texas.  Sysco (the food distributor) seems to be one of endorsers of Gobza.  As an ancillary benefit of Gobza, it appears to offer some opportunity for the advertising restaurants and others to earn a small commission for signing up other restaurants and/or purchasers of the coupons.  That said, finding users with actual experience has been a challenge.  Here is a link to the Gobza web site if anyone is interested in reviewing or learning more:  While it appears to be a very attractive couponing program, I'm somewhat concerned that something is being overlooked. Any insights as to experience with Gobza and/or any information as to how Gobza compares to Groupon, Living Social and the other couponing and daily deal sites would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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