DAWG Talk: Living the Dream

The New Year is upon us. It’s a clean slate; a time to refocus on the important things that came to light through our year-end reflection.

In a couple of months, when the crowds disappear from the gym, and you’ve likely rationalized the failure of several resolutions, what will you be dreaming about? At a time when the chaos subsides, what is it that will lure your attention? What is it that will be so encompassing that you will not be able to focus on anything else?

The answer: Passion.

Our friends at Talent Revolution have done a fantastic job helping companies and individuals align passion with business objectives. They are catalysts for a new way of thinking. They promote an “ultimate career lifestyle.” The TR Team encourages individuals to develop a career where work doesn’t seem like work. They challenge individuals to be authentic, to define their own lifestyle, and to find purpose while applying their talents.

We call that finding fit.

When it comes to your career, before you rush to send out a flurry of resumes or complete any online applications, do yourself a favor and think about what the right fit is for you. We are all re-assessing the value we have placed upon certain things in our lives. Material possessions are nice. We all like nice things. But real value is about how you affect the people around you, and the type of person you choose to be.

Deciding where you would like to direct your value is step 1. Step 2 requires more time and introspection. This is where the individual must identify his or her high performing behaviors. The following step, 3, is the point at which an individual must draw an alignment between the identified high performing behaviors and the area of competence for which it most closely correlates. For example, someone who constantly seeks improvement and solutions; someone who considers existing ideas, approaches and technologies, is likely an innovative thinker. He or she will challenge the status quo and will make calculated risks through informed judgment. This person is likely a driver of change.

For a company offering the ability to develop and influence culture, a change agent is a great match. However, a mature organization (one that had its major growth already) may not be able to challenge an innovator.

Once an individual has sorted through steps 1 through 3, he or she can begin identifying specific experiences where the behaviors were best exemplified. This preparation will lead to great interviews, and great interviews lead to job offers.

Are you living the dream?

Make your move.


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  • WOW!  Thank you David for the TR love.  That means the world to us!  This is awesome advice.  It seems to me too many of us who are changing jobs have this sense of urgency to get a job "right away".  While I understand that the bills need to be paid I also know that this "get a job yesterday" mentality leaves many of us unhappy and unfulfilled.  Leaving a job, especially one you have been invested in for a number of years, can be very stressful.  The natural reaction is to get to work the next day sending out resumes and contacting people without going through the process you suggest.  While there is rarely a perfect match if you take the time for some self examination and do some research on opportunities that "fuel your passion" your chances for being happy are maximized.  That's why you guys are great recruiters.  You are in it for the right reason - HAPPINESS on both sides (employee and employer).  What else is there?
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