I am sitting in the South Station in Boston waiting for my son Dylan to arrive so we can box up his bicycle. Dylan just completed an incredible cross country solo bike trip that took nearly 3 months. This is one of those once in a lifetime father+son trips that I had to make. Maybe I'm kind of barging in on his adventure. Too bad. Now,it's our adventure and one I have been looking forward to for, well, three months.

I had some Business in NYC yesterday, so I have already logged 4 1/2 hours heading east. We leave Boston at 11:55 AM and the first destination is Chicago, about 24 hours from then. We need substance and scotch, so that was my job as the tag-along. One thing to note is how much of a big deal train travel is in the east. Train travel to me is Europe or CalTrains from San Jose to San Francisco. Here, the station is like an airport with great food offerings and a bustling environment.

We board in a couple of hours...looking forward to lunch already. Train food. Hmmm. Stay tuned.

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