Chicago's First Pop Up Dinner with The Wagyu Wagon

Chicago's The Wagyu Wagon food truck raised funds through Kickstarter to equip their truck with state of the art equipment. Now they are bringing their gourmet meals indoors for a sit down dining experience. Their first pop up dinner will be on Oct 3 at Ipsento Coffee House. 


Guest will have three different dinning options:

A) Tempe Banh Mi - marinated tempe sauteed then drizzled with peanut sauce topped with do chua (pickled jicama, carrots, cucumber), fresh cilantro, jalapeno.  Served with plantain chips seasoned with coconut curry spice.

B) Tacos - three wagyu tacos on corn tortilla with Spanish rice, frijoles rancheros.

C) Meatball Sub - Wagyu meatballs with fresh marinated tomatoes in olive oil and garlic, manchego cheese, serrano ham.  Served with a roasted red pepper potato salad.


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