Business Ethics : Customer or Client?

It came to my recent attention, that successful businesses and business men and women possess a certain quality that emanates in all of their undertakings.

That quality or brand is Caring.

  • * We CARE about You.
  • * YOU are the reason we are in business.
  • * In our business you are NUMBER 1.

There is nothing magical about excellent service. We all want to be respected, valued and treated fairly by the people with whom we do business.

I have often heard myself mouthing the word Customer when referring to the people that frequent my place of business.

But what connotation does the term Customer bring to mind.

  • * Someone spending money with me for a service I provide.
  • * Just another dollar in the cash register.
  • * A very impersonal way of ‘dealing with people’

Over the past several years I have come to gravitate toward a new mindset in my business. I prefer to acknowledge the people who spend their hard earned money with me, as CLIENTS or Guests to my business.

  • * A Client is defined as “Someone under my direct Care and Wellbeing.”
  • * I want to do everything humanly possible to ensure my clients are 100% satisfied with my product and service.
  • * I want to “over-deliver” so as to encourage them to refer others to my business.

I hope these words have caused some to stop, stop and reconsider the way in which they approach those people who make their business possible.

I have.


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