Building a Successful Concierge Referral Program

Courting concierges to send their guests to your business requires building a relationship. A lot of restaurants think that by passing out free appetizer cards concierges will suddenly start sending them hundreds of customers every week. Wouldn’t that be great?

While offering a guest perk to concierges’ guests is something we highly recommend, it’s more about building a relationship with the concierge. You have to ensure them their guests will have a great experience and demonstrate that you appreciate their referrals. Ultimately, the top concierges at the top hotels have been in this profession for years and they have built strong reputations. The most important factor is that they can trust that their guests will have great food & great service. The incentives and contests tools offered by Reservation Genie just help you keep them excited.

The simple fact of the matter is that they are approached constantly by managers of restaurants and just dropping in once and offering them free dinner is a weak effort compared to what it really takes to stay at the top of their recommendation list. Reservation Genie evolved from a private concierge booking system and offers some easy resources to help build and manage a concierge referral program. Use this link to read more about building a successful concierge referral program.

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