Believe in a better "Life Style"

For those of you in the industry at the higher levels that get to go home on Friday afternoon and not return until Monday, think about the people that make that possible. Think about what it was like when you were one of those people. Then think about how you can make it better, that is if you believe it has to get better.

If you don't think it has to get better you are working in a blind spot. The restaurant world is a "life style". Its nights, weekends, and holidays. While the world is at play, we are the ones providing that play. Our workforce is getting depleted. Gen Y wants to be part of that play, they don't understand the term "pay your dues" nor should they have to. As the leaders you first need to believe it has to get better then understand what your people need to make it better. Create balance in the life of your organization.

People Report just released information that the amount of time that it takes to get promoted has extended. Not because people are not developing as fast, but because higher level positions are being eliminated or people are not moving. Now restaurants can operate with multiple RM's, AM's, AGM’s, Sous, AKM's, and etc. It is when you get beyond those positions GM / Chef and above that there is a bottle neck. People Report also says (they say a lot and its all GOOD information) what used to take an average of 6 years to be promoted to Regional Manager now takes 10 years. All of this data works completely against a Gen Y mentality.

I know of one company in Boston that makes it Mandatory that every manager has at least one weekend off a month. Their Management turnover is less than 10%. And that is a guess Imation, because they don't track it, they don't need to. They listen to their people and create balance.

I am not saying that time is the answer, but quality of time is, both at and away from the restuarant. The playing field has changed and if you don't belive it, you will miss out on quality people that are going to revolutionize our industry and possibly your business. Engage with these people learn what their balance is and become part of creating it.

Nor do I seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe that I may understand. For this too I believe, that unless I first believe, I shall not understand. - St. Anselm

If you want to understand it you have to believe it. So while you are enjoying your weekend ask yourself one thing……DO YOU BELIEVE????

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  • David- thanks for the comment and you are so right. It is always the things that are right in front of us that we miss. Its like looking for your glasses when they are right on top of your head.
  • You are speaking to something we are seeing right in front of us…a changing workforce. Data has suggested that the up and coming generation, whatever the label, out numbers previous generations. Work environments, flexibility and defined success are requirements for this generation. Without focus on those areas, we will continue to see turnover and a dwindling interest in promoting our industry as one of choice. Talent comes from everywhere; we just need to be more focused on harnessing it.
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