Bartending: Do it Right. Do it at Home.

Everyone agrees that going out to a bar makes for a fun Saturday night but the price of alcoholic drinks at most bars and restaurants are outrageous. Why go out and spend all of your hard earned money when you can create a high quality bar at home? Save money without skimping on the fun! Create a professional bar right at home and impress all your friends and family. Here are a few things that will help you achieve your goal of making the best at- home bar.


(1)   First things first, you want to look the part. Rubber bar mats add color to your bar but also provide a non slip working surface that catches and contains any spilled liquid. This makes for easy clean-up at the end of the night. If you have a larger bar to work with, you might want to consider floor mats as well. More practical than aesthetic, floor mats prevent you from slipping and falling while mixing up cocktails for your friends.


(2)   Part of looking professional and making quality drinks is being able to pour the proper amounts of alcohol. And of course, the veteran bartenders don’t need shot glasses to pour the perfect drink. A way to do this is by getting pour spouts for your alcohol bottles. Pour spouts reduce spills and regulate the flow of alcohol so that the perfect shot can be poured in roughly three seconds. Spouts also protect the liquor without the screw top. Easy to put in and remove, they are a simple way to make your bar seem more professional!



(3)   The one tool no bartender can go without is a shaker. Most cocktails are served shaken with ice and a shaker is the best way to ensure that you are serving up high-quality, professional drinks. An inexpensive buy, most shakers come with a strainer that can be removed if preferred. You will look like a pro when you whip out a shaker instead of simply stirring drinks.


(4)   For all those fancy cocktails, garnishes are a norm. You should always have cherries, limes, olives, lemons, and oranges ready in case a friend requests a lavish drink. But to really impress your friends, having a channel knife on hand is a must. This tool creates a ¼ inch wide, ¼ inch deep “channel” in a lemon, most commonly, and makes a twist that is often found in martinis. You can use a regular knife to slice a piece of the rind but the channel knife adds some extra flair.



(5)   Another standby is a glass rimmer. Ideal for margaritas, rimmers generally come with three chambers, one for a lime sponge, a sugar dish and a salt dish. No margarita is complete without the perfect rim of salt or sugar. Impress all your guests by presenting them with perfectly rimmed glasses.


(6)   For the more basic drinkers, a beer or glass of wine may sound preferable to the extravagant cocktails some of your friends are having. If someone asks for a beer, it is necessary to have a bottle opener ready and a chilled glass is always a nice touch. Wine is slightly more complicated. Packaged differently, the first step in opening a bottle of wine is to remove the foil cover with a foil cutter. This small squeezable tool allows you to quickly and cleanly remove the top layer of foil from any wine bottle. Then, you much also have a sturdy corkscrew. Many corks are stubborn and fit snuggly inside the bottles neck. This makes them difficult to remove, meaning that you will want a strong, durable corkscrew.



(7)   Finally, it is said that the glass can affect the way a drink tastes. To take your bar from amateur to professional, stock up on different cocktail, beer and wine glasses. There are six basic cocktail glasses to think about; the high and lowball glasses, martini glass, shot glass, wine glass, champagne flute and the brandy snifter. You will also want a few pint glasses for the beer drinkers among your friends. Take a look at “Cocktail Glasses Explained” to find out when each cocktail glass is used.

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