Austin's Famed Food Truck Scene

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Lately, it seems like we're all about the fine wining and dining experience. But as a posh professional in high demand, you're often pressed for time and have to resort to that sin of all sins: fast food. Fear not, when in or traveling to Austin, let that fair Texas city's famed trailer cuisine rescue you from culinary mediocrity. Who knew fast could be so delicious...or naughty?

Love Balls Bus

How much do we love Love Balls? Enough to avoid that dirty pun on the tip of your tongue. In your defense, though, Love Balls describes their delectable Japanese treat as "hot, gooey inside, and delicious." And what exactly is a "love ball?" A savory pancake ball filled with octopus, pickled ginger, and green onions; then topped with takoyaki sauce, kewpie mayo, aonori, and bonito flakes. Try finding that at your local fine dining establishment. You know what else we love? Their post script warning: "Love Balls are served PIPING HOT!! Be patient, be careful, and don't forget to blow!!" Find your own love balls to blow on @LoveBallsBus.

Cutie Pies Wagon

Is it us, or are Austinites particularly dirty? How else do you explain being drawn in by Cutie Pies's bright pink trailer? With an oft repeated motto that cries, "come down to the pie wagon where you can stuff your pie hole, 'cause my pies will put the doo da back in your zipadee!" we can't help but wonder. But whether you're stuffing your pie hole with Betty Lou's Award Winning Buttermilk Pie or Eulla Bell's Fudge Brownie Pie, you'll be sure to leave satisfied. They've got a new location, though, so you'll have to track them down @CutiePieWagon again.

Clem's Hot Diggity Dogs

If you're not into Love Balls or Cutie Pies, how about following Clem's Hot Diggity Dogs @ClemsHotDogs. Food bloggers and critics take note: Clem's is daring you to try "the best hot dog you've ever eaten." And who are we to turn down a place famous for their delicious wieners, perfectly grilled buns, and boiled peanuts? Okay, we're all out of dirty talk, we swear.

Calbi (Latin-Korean Fusion)

If you've never tried Korean BBQ tacos, drop what you're doing and head over to Calbi's. But we warned: you may end up addicted. It's only been a few days and we're already Jonesing for more. We'll blow on your love balls if we have to; just give us some of those tacos! Korean short ribs perfectly seasoned and sliced into bite sized pieces, topped with fresh veggies and romaine lettuce all in a corn tortilla. We'll follow them anywhere: @CalbiBBQ.

Coat & Thai

The name's not just a gimmick, though we have to admit, we enjoy a good gimmick now and again. Coat and Thai is a musician owned and operated food trailer that's even vegan friendly. Where else are you going to find vegan fast food but in Austin? Enjoy some traditional Pad Thai, Pad Ka-Pao, or Garlic Chick while you listen to one of their live musical guests every Wednesday to Saturday evening. Check out their menu at
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