Anti-Training and the New Economy

Anti-Training and the New Economy

There’s an old steak house in Reno that hails to the Rat Pack Days. Long gone are its days of glory and professionalism.

This shot is of the cook’s line – notice the small door at the end of the line, and the small red sign above it.


The small doorway is a utility hatch used by the maintenance crew to access between floors. It is always locked.

The small red sign demonstrates the true commitment to training and development of its most valuable asset, its employees.

This picture was taken the day this restaurant closed. Forever.

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  • in a hotel casino environment, signs just don't happen. First, you need a work order with the exact specs of the sign - exact measurements, lettering wordage , style and size. This is then sent for approval to different department heads, and then must be approved at the highest levels.

    Then, another work order must be sent to have the sign placed; again, with the approval of different department heads, and be signed off at the highest levels.

    One of the most disturbing aspects of this signage is that it was approved at the highest levels, and sets the tone and attitude towards training and service for the entire company.

  • of note, this steakhouse was on the second floor, with only stair access, and a freight elevator to the kitchen. This restaurant had always been grandfathered in access requirements. Since the permits and licenses have been allowed to expire, a new elevator or other means of access will need to be installed, along with a major remodel to meet new health codes. Since the restaurant does not meet ADA access guidelines or code as is, in this economy, my guess is that it is closed forever.

  • big much history...cheers

  • RIP...if those walls could talk!

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