....And While on Vacation in Florida....

So, I'm on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale Florida this week and had no laptop to write my blog, so, I did a video blog instead. I did have an HP Notebook but I may as well have been on a 1st model of the Bell telephone!

So, my subject was on what?

On customer service standards in Florida of course! Tune in. Tune on. Turn to your video screens!

See my next video that will be a lot faster in speach patterns when I get back to NYC! :)

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  • The customer service in Florida is relative to where you are coming from. As a transplanted NYer I think the customer service here in So. Florida is based on the fact that restaurants and retail operations only have a limited time to make the majority of their money. A seasonal economy will breed good customer service. 

    I just returned from Atlanta and I was very impressed with the spot on customer service there. In fact my next column in the May issue of  Today's Restaurant will be about one or two hospitality industry people who made an impression on me. Look for it

  • Ty...

    You crack me up...

    If you ever get out to Oregon you'd better come ask for my station at the Oswego Grill (Lake Oswego, OR)! I just want to be in one of your videos! But then I might whip out my HD video camera at the table and do an on the spot service interview with you LIVE in my station! :-)

    It would be FUN!

    Paul - WaitersWorld

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