Dear FohBoh Members,


We are supporters of Round it up America founded by executives at the Yard House Restaurant chain. It's a novel idea to feed the needs of American charities by rounding up your bill  to the nearest dollar. I asked Jennifer Weerheim if I could repost her letter to solicit support for this cause directly to the FohBoh membership. I hope you join us in supporting this incredible effort.


Thank you.


Michael L. Atkinson
CEO | Founder


Dear Restaurant Operators, 

We hope this email finds you well.  We are sending this to you as you are either a friend, vendor partner, FohBoh member or Round It Up America Mission Partner and we wanted to share some information with you.

Many of you are familiar with Round It Up America and know that the funds raised in our restaurants on behalf of our guests are donated to causes throughout our communities.  Five percent of what is raised is allocated for the Round It Up America National Relief Fund which is a fund that all Mission Partners contribute to. This fund was set up to help victims who are suffering as a result of a tragedy – like a hurricane Katrina, an oil spill, or in this case the devastating tornadoes that have decimated the town of Joplin, MO.  To date the RIUA National Relief Fund has a balance of $20,000 thanks to the generous giving’s of guests of Lucille’s BBQ, Hof’s Hut and Yard House restaurants.  We feel that the monies raised should be granted to a local 501c3 in the town of Joplin who is gathering resources to help the tornado victims and Harald and I are planning to land in Joplin this Thursday so that we can put these monies to work immediately. 

We would also like to ask if any of you would be willing to contribute to this cause as we have learned after speaking with members of the Joplin community that there is a far greater need than what is coming in at this time.  We will be donating an additional $5,000 which brings our total up to $25,000.  If you are able to contribute please contact either myself or Harald Herrmann by end of day Tuesday so that we can make the greatest contribution possible and help the residents of Joplin.


Thank you,


Harald Herrmann and Jennifer Weerheim

Founder and Co-Founder, Round It Up America


Jennifer Weerheim
Vice President of Marketing
Support Center


For more information, please contact us at:

Yard House Restaurants

phone:  (949) 727-0959, ext. 1110
fax:  (949) 727-0831

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