Food vendors know the true investment of time and money required towards building a personal selling team. Yet, even the sales rep that ‘WOWs’ clients may not have what it takes to break the barriers in place for wholesalers to meet new clients. Industry norms make it difficult to ensure maximum returns on your investment in the prep and training of a sales team. Preexisting relationships between vendors and their customers are like family bonds. Even in the face of losing money the loyalty remains. This can be exceptionally frustrating to vendors boasting fresher (local) or better (premium) products. That’s why armoring your team with the knowledge, skills and abilities, or KSAs, to break the mold will help your reel in new customers and grow.

Restaurants already know who and what they are looking for. Establish rapport and learn what is important to them. Listening is key and will help you get to the promised land (i.e. the land of sales) much quicker than any amount of talking done on your end. Once you’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn- flip the script. Let the customers start asking questions.

Restaurants on the prowl for new inventory vendors ask these questions:

  • Do you deliver on weekends?
  • What is the minimum order?
  • What is the delivery schedule for your area?
  • Do you place food items in the walk-in coolers or freezers?
  • What the return policies are for items that may be open, broken, or leaking when they are delivered?
  • What products will be subject to seasonal pricing?

Test your sales team on their answers on the company’s behalf to these questions. Thrive on the opportunity to provide information that explains what your business can deliver and how. Ensure they are effectively communicating the values and service promises you company strives to provide. Then, send them out to start selling and bringing more on your investment.

For even easier way to break the barrier, sign up for Foodem vendors have the opportunity to post prices, delivery information, order minimums and aspects that set your wholesale products and services apart from the rest. Why spend your time going out to prospective customers when your prospective customers could come to you? Save time and overhead by signing up to be a Foodem vendor today

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