A server walks into a restaurant...

By James Keil, Sr. VP of Sales

Stop us if you've heard this one before. A new server walks into a restaurant and the following hilarity (that's sarcasm, folks) ensues...

Server: I'm so excited to join this restaurant!

Manager: You should be! We have a strong training culture and an incredible reputation. It's our goal to make sure our employees understand our 5 detailed menus— three featuring our food items and two highlighting our drinks. We expect you to consistently demonstrate the very best in customer service, and practice strict adherence to our company policies. You'll also need to know where everything is located, and be prepared to open or close in 25 days on your own.

Server: I can do that! When do I report to training?

Manager: Oh, uh, well unfortunately you’ll be getting the condensed version of our training.

Server: Condensed version?

Manager: Yes, normally I would train you myself but the Food Manager is out this week and the Owner has just called to say there's a problem with something else, and I still have to get our wine organized from our recent shipment. So tell you what we're gonna do, I'm gonna have Veronica show you the ropes.

Server: Veronica? OK, and she's my trainer then?

Manager: Your trainer? Yeah, you could call it that. You're going to get hands-on training which I think is often very effective. She's been a server here for years. Also, if you read the manual I gave you, and watch Veronica, I think you'll get it figured out pretty quickly. I'll come back at some point to do a more formal training with you.

Server: OK, so is Veronica expecting to train me? And when should I plan on talking with you about this again?

Manager: I'll get back to YOU on the training. OK, I gotta get to stuff, oh and does Veronica know she's training you... yes... she does now. Veronica! Come here a sec, I wanna introduce you to the new guy...



This probably never happens at your restaurant. However, you might have been to or worked in a restaurant where it did. How does one take the good intentions to train staff and actually fit it into a busy schedule?

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