A Response to a Customer’s Concern

Q: I was in Georgetown Bagelry today and was unable to buy a fountain soda. What gives?

A: I apologize for the inconvenience. While I would love to have fountain soda in the bagel shop, it was a tough decision and one I couldn’t put off any longer. I was hoping to have a rush of capital to totally renovate, but since the economy is in the state it is, I have needed to make some smaller changes quickly.

I have several employees that have worked here for 25+ years. I would like them to remain in their jobs. Commodities have gone up, rent, utilities…virtually the price of everything has gone up…I’ve done a cost analysis of everything…

Top priority is space for a freezer. (Freezer streamlines our production & since I sold our G’town location we haven’t had one.) The soda equipment used a huge space in the back of the store where our new freezer will be placed. We sell a lot of diet coke and coke. The other sodas move disgustingly slow from a food service sanitation point of view.

I’m totally convinced from a “health” perspective that the aluminum soda’s give our client’s a better soda experience. Yes, it costs more. Hopefully, it won’t cost more for long because Coke is giving us some terrific rates. Coca Cola failed to deliver to us this week because I placed the order late and we’re on a funky rhythm due to a lot of stuff you probably do not want to hear about :)

I hear you. Please bear w/me through this transition. (Ask for ice and a cup and we’re working on the pricing!) This will be a win/win for everybody.

I can’t with a clear conscience sell fountain sodas simply for a buck. I prefer to see fresh brewed iced tea/coffee and fresh squeezed lemonade that’s simply better all the way around.

There will be price shifts, but right now, I need to make sure the bills are paid and we move forward w/artisan baker’s and bagels.

I welcome all comments and suggestions, so please do hesistate to contact me.



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