A Hot? Sauce.

At Sanford’s Kitchen we took an old family recipe, played with it, and made a hot sauce.  We didn’t go into the process like a lot of hot sauce developers and enthusiasts.  Most people set goals right out of the gate, such as making a hot sauce that is screaming hot, the hotter the better in these cases.   Another choice might be setting up a gimmick, like a funny name with a perverted play on words.  Nope, none of that silliness for us, we want our All American Hot Sauce to have a humble American logo.  Now let me say, we might be very wrong NOT to follow what the crowed is doing.  In fact, if you look at the world of hot sauce it appears that these tactics are the only way to carve out any sort of slice in the sauce pie…. Ummmm sauce pie.

Just like my father, and his father before him, and every stubborn generation of Sanford before him, we decide to do it our own way.  What we like, we hope others will like as well.  With our taste buds dancing with pleasure, we found a sauce that seemed to have the perfect taste.  It however looks and tastes nothing like your everyday hot sauce found in almost every refrigerator and diner around.  This, we thought, was just what we wanted.  We have a product that’s unique, it will stand out on the crowded shelves with other fiery red sauces lined up next to it.  No one will know what hit them, or their taste buds for that matter.

Well that was for sure.  Tasting after tasting, people would ask “is it hot?” well come on now, it is a HOT sauce.  We are for sure not going to set any records on heat though.  Our intention was never to blast you with lava for the pure joy of saying boy that’s one freaking hot sauce.  What we want are people to rave about how good it tastes.  That is the point of a sauce right?  I know it’s suppose to be hot and all but really the flavor is what you want to impose on whatever delightful treat gets a lift from it.

As time goes on and we spread our hot sauce message, more and more people have sent us emails telling us how much they love the fact that it’s a thick sauce.  It sticks to what it hits, one customer said.  That thickness is something that catches people off guard, as they first struggle to get the sauce out of the bottle.  Most hot sauce you will find has the number one ingredient listed as water.  Go ahead and check it out.  You’re buying water.  This never really made any sense to us, sure we would be able to get higher profit if we sold water vinegar and ground hot pepper, but that’s just not how we stubborn ass Sanford’s do things.  Just ask the very patient wives in our family.

We do things the wrong way.  We sell a thick hot sauce that is not filled with fiery heat, but rather, filled to the brim with flavor and great tasting ingredients.  We guess we will just have to give it time and see if we can make it into your hearts and bellies while pushing against what is known to be the right way of doing things in the sauce world.

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