2012: The Year To Change The Game

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This is one of the most innovative times of our lives. Every time you turn around, there is a new convenience to simplify a task in our lives. Today, many businesses, as well as individuals, are brainstorming ways to create and innovate game-changing business models, products and services, but with that comes understanding the art and importance of game-changing. Strategies such as changing the way your company thinks, behaves and its culture, should be put in place to cultivate game-changing innovation.

Here are five tips for changing the game from Teresa Spangler, CEO of Plazabridge Group (via OpenForum):

  1. Be open to possibility – Don’t kill the ideas before they come to light. Be open to trying new approaches to solving problems or issues; if you fail, try another avenue. Through brainstorming, there is sure to be an idea worth cultivating into your vision.
  2. Yes you can, yes you can! – Be passionate, dedicated and focused on the end result. There will always be ups and downs until the game has been changed, so omit the words “don’t” and “can’t” from your vocab.
  3. Open up – Propel your ideas forward by sharing them with friends, family, a collaborative forum or colleagues and be open to their feedback and criticisms.
  4. Introduce others to your vision over time – Take the time to grow consensus on your ideas; everyone will not see your particular vision at first. Show, educate and encourage people to share in your vision and see the importance of your product or service, and how it will impact their lives.
  5. Become a money navigator – Everything requires money. Be sure to research existing funding options for similar companies at your stage of growth. Also, it is wise to leverage entrepreneurial organizations to help in this capacity.

A perfect example of putting these strategies to use is Kash Rehman, the founder and CEO of Foodem, the revolutionary B2B online food marketplace connecting wholesale food buyers with food sellers. Initially, Kash worked at a business consulting firm, but soon found his career path was re-routed towards the wholesale food distribution and food services sector.

During his nine year stint in the sector, Kash took notice of the very visible challenges faced by wholesale food buyers, sellers and the industry in general. This led him to brainstorm ideas and develop a plan to disrupt the industry by creating a platform that unites small to mid-sized food distributors, specialty food manufacturers and local farms directly with wholesale food buyers such as restaurants, universities, hospitals, etc. Not only does this combat a number of industry challenges, it also enables the sustainable food movement by satisfying the growing consumer and business demand for more local, sustainably produced and healthier food choices. 

Through spreading the word about his ideas and disruption plans via entrepreneurial groups, social networks, interviews and panel discussions, Kash built a great team of individuals with diverse skill sets, who also share in his passion and vision. 2012 will prove to be the year that Foodem capitalizes on market trends, leverages funding opportunities and continues to carve a niche in an industry full of opportunity.

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