Over at Restaurant Revolution we're putting together a series of videos on doing successful Internet Marketing as a restaurant owner.

There are many new things when it comes to the game of restaurant marketing, and there seems to be a general lack of information available... and we hope to fill that void (to a degree, at least).

The first post in this series Video: Restaurant Website Marketing Strategy - Tracking Traffic covers some advanced tracking software to know how people are finding our websites, what they're looking at, and how many people are visiting.

Our video series will continue in early-January, starting with creating and managing a Wordpress blog from a Restaurant Operator's point-of-view.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding our video series, input would be greatly valued.
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  • Matt, I didn't catch your post until just now, so I apologize for the delay.

    I believe what you're describing, especially when it comes to a service like WebTrends, is above the needs of most small businesses in general - especially restaurants. I wouldn't even expect a site like to /really/ benefit from something like that.

    There are so many free tools to spy on competitors, see traffic trends, see where links are coming from, and know "what's going on" that any subscription service is money down an endless hole.

    There are two aspects to doing anything online: getting exposure (traffic) and converting it (action). Software for tracking this really is as basic as Google Analytics, or what I recommend in my first video, Mint at
  • Hey Nathan,
    I was just wondering what kind of tracking software you were utilizing or planning on utilizing or recommending. Depending on the size of the business, this can get pretty cost prohibitive not necessarily from the training or the software, but from the need to allocate restaurant resources to utilizing the software and running appropriate reports. Webtrends is a great example. The software is reasonably prices, requires a subscriptioni, needs additional fees once the company website reaches a hit limit, training is advanced and is in the $2500 ranger/person; but what then?

    Other than establishing enewsletters and a great emarketing strategy based around customers who sign up inhouse or online, is utilizing such sophisticated technology above the needs of most restaurants, even corporate groups or franchises?

    Just curious on your thoughts.

  • Very cool. Let me suggest that you do a series of samplers here too. Cheers.
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