'Naked sushi' ( Ahhhhh, those Japanese)

'Naked sushi' restaurant finedThe restaurant said it wanted to bring Japanese culture to ChinaA restaurant in south-west China has been fined for offering to serve sushi on the bodies of nearly-naked women, according to media reports.The Yamato Wind Village restaurant in Kunming city attempted to launch its "body sushi" dinner earlier this month, provoking lively local debate.But health authorities banned it before the dinner could even take place.Now the restaurant has also been fined 2,000 Yuan (US$240), according to the Beijing Daily Messenger newspaper.The management of the restaurant told China's official Xinhua news agency that the "body sushi" service was launched to introduce a special Japanese food culture to Chinese people.The practise of eating sushi off naked or nearly-naked women has long been popular with a certain clientele in Japan.But the authorities in China said the restaurant's actions violated women's rights, as well as laws on advertising and food sanitation.They also said the women used to display the sushi were not suitably dressed for restaurant employees.When confronted with advertisements for the sushi dinner, the people of Kunming seemed equally undecided.Some "were indignant, claiming it is humiliating to women," the official China Daily newspaper reported at the time."But others were curious and tempted to have a try," it added.PRODUCTS AND SERVICES?.........FOH or BOH...who gets the credit??
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  • I believe the key word is "cultural differences!" Why do the Chinese eat dogs? Why did I eat monkey brains in Vietnam? I don't know! lol
  • yea thats a whole other topic and has nothing to do with food .....and we know why they attacked pearl harbor but why they eat off of a naked girl thats just gross
  • Why did they invade Pearl Harbor?
  • why would you want to eat off of a naked person
  • The Samsi Japanese restaurant in Manchester is charging £75 to eat food placed on the bodies of two nude women.

    Angel Tan, 22, and Kit-Ying Ross, 25, will act as human tables at the first of the "nyataimori" nights on Friday.

    The word translates as "adorned body of a woman". The women will spend the night naked and lying face up.

    Dishes will be arranged over them, including lobster, ginger yakitori chicken, smoked salmon sushi and garlic udon noodles.

    Kit-Ying told The Sun : "I'm really looking forward to taking part in such a cultural experience as long as the guests behave themselves."

    Diners will tuck in with chopsticks. Etiquette dictates they must not touch the naked flesh.

    Samantha GoreLyons, boss of the Samsi restaurant, told the paper: "The celebration of food and the female form is the latest trend sweeping Tokyo. We are swapping the angular tabletop for the sensuous curves of the female body.

    "Exquisite food and female beauty combine two essential ingredients that make up the Japanese culture."

    Kit-Ying, from Alderley Edge, Cheshire, added: "I'm glad they're only serving cold food on me."

    I wonder if this will catch on during the soft economy?
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