The Menu Labeling Law (Calif)

The menu labeling law is creeping in on us here in CA.Just this week, the law in San Francisco passed that if you have more than 20 units in CA, you must list nutritional info on your menu.The CRA is trying to support another bill that would provide menu labeling to customers, in a format that the restaurant feels is in their best interest.I am sure everyone is aware of this, but below there is a brief article, along with a letter (see attached) that can be signed, and sent to Sacramento in support of the revised bill.This information is from the California Restaurant Association. If you are not yet a member, you can quickly sign up.And who know, this might just spread across the country......2008RE: SUPPORT FOR AB 2572 (PARRA) – MENU LABELINGDear Legislator:I am asking you to SUPPORT AB 2572 (PARRA) which would require chain restaurants to make available nutritional information (calories, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrates and sodium) for each standard menu item, on the restaurant premises. Our industry is proud to be proactive regarding public health and we ask that you support AB 2572 (Parra).Many of California’s restaurants already provide nutritional information to their customers at the restaurant. Some hang poster charts with all the nutritional information near the cash registers; some have brochures with all the nutritional information on counters; some print the nutritional information on tray liners, food wrappers/packaging or table tents; and some may print such information on their menus. These are just a few examples of how restaurants have either responded to consumer demand in this regard or have just chosen to be proactive regarding public health irrespective of consumer demand.AB 2572 (Parra) would allow restaurants that already provide the nutritional information on the premises, to continue to provide this information to their consumers in the ways that they’ve identified that best work for both their customers and the restaurant. For those chain restaurants that only provide information, for instance, on their website but not on the restaurant premises, AB 2572 (Parra) would require them to change their practices and now provide the nutritional information on the restaurant premises. For those chain restaurants that do not provide nutritional information at all, AB 2572 (Parra) would require that they now make this information available at the restaurant. AB 2572 (Parra) does this in a reasonable and practicable way while still accomplishing the overall goal.Last year, the restaurant industry in large was opposed to SB 120 (Padilla), another menu labeling bill. Similarly, SB 120 required chain restaurants to provide nutritional information - but the main difference was that it was inflexible and mandated that such information only be provided in one way – printed on the menus and menu boards. Last year, the Governor vetoed SB 120 (Padilla) due to its inflexibility. In response, California’s restaurant industry in good faith, worked within the parameters set forth by the Governor, while still setting out to accomplish the goal of mandating that chains make available nutritional information at the restaurant. AB 2572 (Parra) is the product of this effort and is a real workable solution that can be signed into law. This year Senator Padilla has introduced yet another menu labeling bill, SB 1420. Unfortunately however, SB 1420 (Padilla) is simply a re-introduction of his same exact bill that was vetoed by the Governor last year and thus, is not a viable solution.While I share the same goal with the competing bill, SB 1420 (Padilla), I just disagree on the mechanics. AB 2572 (Parra) is a real solution and accomplishes the same goal yet provides necessary flexibility in the manner and methods of disclosure. I urge you to SUPPORT AB 2572 (PARRA) and vote “AYE” when it is before you.Sincerely,_______________________________________________________Signature____________________________________________________________Name____________________________________________________________Restaurant Name____________________________________________________________Addresscc: Governor Arnold SchwarzeneggerAssembly Member Nicole ParraAssembly Member Mervyn Dymally, Chair, Assembly
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  • Government still thinks they can do it better. They think they can legislate anything and everything. To what they think we should be doing, and that they can spend our money better than we ever could. You cannot legislate morality, character, integrity and so forth! Acountablity for you actions is till the best barameter. They just don't get it. Our county of Fresno was given a federal grant of $500,000 to educate people on "Why not to go around the crossing guard rail " at a railroad crossing when it is 'down!'
  • That's crazy! I think it is great that they want to let the people know what they are eating, but I don't think it should be a law. I believe that the restaurants should be able to choose that for themselves.

    Did you ever hear about the lawsuit that was slapped on McDonalds about the teenage girl that was over weight and her parents wanted to sue McDonalds for it? Same thing should apply to everyone. You should know what is good for you. Common sense is what the judge said I think.
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