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  • I'm not sure cutting all this fat out of diet is right. I mean, wasn't the fat put here for a purpose. What I do believe is we Americans seem to do everything to excess. The French don't cut fat out of their diet. They just eat smaller quantities of everything. I would rather drink "raw" full fat milk, then anything that has been pasteurized.
  • no skimmed milk / half fat milk / non-fat milk can replace the original taste of full cream milk. but, my doctor insisted me to cut all fat so i have to follow forcefully. never like it though, never like replacement like soy milk too. just not a perfect cup of coffee. period.
  • Hi Carol, I've not heard of 2% milk. I've just looked it up - whole milk is 3.5% fat, so it's similar to what we call semi-skimmed in the UK, so my 'half-fat' answer in the poll should cover the US 2% milk choice.
  • Hi Surfer Girl - we can see that ;)
  • i'm a non fat girl
  • Hi RawDaddy, I wouldn't want to taint the purity of raw milk with coffee, - when you've tasted 'farm fresh' you do wonder why anyone would touch pasteurised!
  • They are also trying to get rid of Raw Milk as well, here in California.
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