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We're making great progress after just 60 days, in large part because we listen to you, our members. This is your community and represents your voice; globally as the leading social-business network in the restaurant industry. We have had hundreds of thousands of visitors from over 122 countries, and now, our membership is on track to meet our first goal of 5,000 by March 31st. So thanks everyone!

We appreciate all of your excitement, participation and willingness to share FohBoh with your friends, foodies and colleagues. Keep that up.

Here's what's new:

FohBoh's 2008 Eat Across America Tour

The tour is coming and we'll be making weekly announcements with more details to follow.

Advertising and Sponsorships

Starting March 13, 20008, we are accepting advertisers and sponsors for a wide array of packages, both online, off-line (FohBoh Live Events) and for the Bus Tour this summer. Check out our media kit for more information.'s a teaser: 8 weeks, 22 cities, 44 stops and thousands of new friends as we "Eat Across America" on a restaurant, food and beverage discovery tour. We will announce our 22 cities soon so you can start voting on where we should stop and who we should promote. The FohBoh Video-blog tour is coming to town.

Job Board

We now offer a comprehensive database of jobs for the restaurant and related industries. Starting today, you can search and post a job opening and find new employees nationwide. Each job posting is just $50.00 for 30 days. This is a special introductory rate, so enjoy the low rates for the next few weeks.


Ted and I like to say that we are "perfectly staffed for a global membership of 300." Well, in our first 70 days we have grown over 10x that size, so imagine how much sleep we have had lately ;-). It's seed-the-company time, because up until now, it's been supported financially by the two of us. Thanks to you, we have a company and because we do, we have been spending part of our day meeting with eager investors anxious to support our vision and help us maintain our leadership position. Well, in less than one week, we completed our Series A Preferred round in an over-subscribed offering. Our goal is to invest our capital in, to make it even better for you.

The FohBoh Team

I would like to announce that Christopher Condy has joined the FohBoh, Inc. Board of Directors. Chris brings a tremendous amount of talent and industry knowledge to FohBoh, Inc. and we are lucky to have him join the team. Chris is also a Rewards Points Ninja. Welcome aboard Chris! In addition, we welcome restaurant industry veteran Ray Villaman as a member of the Board of Advisors. Ray will be a valuable member and is already working hard make FohBoh better for restaurant managers and is active in closing partnerships p>

What's Next?

More features and tools, better search, more content, and an events system for special events and promotions. These will help support our efforts to bring the industry together to communicate and connect in a global, interactive environment. We will add more employees enabling better community management and faster support. We will be attending more conferences, speaking on social media and what that means to your industry. We will launch FohBoh Live, and of course, The FohBoh Bus Tour where we'll have a chance to meet more of you.

Points Update

Herve Pennequin from Atlanta, is the all time points leader with 222,858 Reward Points. Herve has referred 222 people that have joined FohBoh. You have our personal thanks Herve and have been awarded the Points Ninja badge.

Hot on Herve's heals is Joe Dunbar with 190,546 Rewards Points and 190 referrals. You rock Joe!

In third place is Doug Golden with 148,350 Points and 146 referrals. Thanks, Doug, we appreciate your blogs too!

Another Points Ninja, with 102,268 points and 101 referrals, is Dominique Pennequin. The Pennequin's and the Atlanta food network have totally embraced FohBoh. Thank you Dominique and Atlanta!

All Points Ninja's will get to ride in the FohBoh Bus with us (if they wish) for a bit this summer and we are looking forward to getting to know each of them personally. We have some other ideas and rewards for them as well, but that's still a surprise. I encourage you all to connect with these FohBoh mavens and connectors because they get what we are doing here and believe in FohBoh enough to share it with hundreds of their colleagues.

There are a lot more points (and shadow stock) to earn...!

And finally, Ted and I thank all our members from all 122 countries. We are grateful for your participation, membership and friendship.

Michael and Ted

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  • Thanks for the warm welcome. The site looks great!
  • Ninja status. Guess that makes me "Prep Cook status!"
  • Hey Michael, this is awesome...Sorry work has kept me away for a few weeks, but I'm as committed as ever....
  • Let the Pont Ninja Wars begin!
  • I'm thrilled about the addition of the job board and intrigued by this "tour" thing... hmmm maybe I'll become a Point Ninja this week....
  • Michael, is David Silver the founder of the angel capital firm Sante Fe Capital Group on your list of potential investors? If so, make sure your business plan includes a section on developing the FohBoh community via mobile (cellphone) technology. DavidS is a great advocate on the revenue-generating possibilities of mobile communities. Good luck.
  • Great job on launching fohboh. You guys have a great vision for the future of fohboh.
    Bring the bus to Vegas
  • It's astounding to see the rapid growth on this site!

    By the way, great ink in the latest Nation's Restaurant News. The NRA listed it as their top story in today's e-newsletter.
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