Great Service at Lucky Strike

Michael and I attended the Law Vegas Restaurant Show this week and incidentally ended up last night at the Rio. We decided to kick back at the Lucky Strike bowling alley there. I call it "bowl for booze" because it was an incredible package combining modern, hip, upscale bar with food, large screen videos, lounge, music, and black lights throughout the bowling area. A great concept. It was well attended but thinned out after 10pm on a weeknight.Later we heard from our buddy (and FohBoh member), Larry DuLittle, that it's not doing well, probably because the food isn't too great. But I was so impressed with the customer service in addition to the concept that I just had to blog about it.I sat at the bar and ordered a chocolcate martini. Yes, I admit, I'm a chick drink drunk. (Btw, Kids in the Hall aired a masterful episode by this name and was hilarious and worth seeing.) The first was produced by a bartender wannabe I believe. The "real" bartender had stepped out. This first guy did mention this fact, but I said go ahead and make it anyway. It was a bit late as Michael received his drink promptly, but we had to remind this guy about my drink. It came out and was unremarkable, but not terrible. Not worth the money though. However, a few minutes later, the official bartender comes out and asks how are drinks are. I wave my hand to indicate it's fair. Without my asking, he whips out a replacement drink and it's fabulous. Now THAT's customer service!Later we bowled and got my behind kicked by Michael, but I did manage a few strikes and spares (it's been awhile). The bartender unexpectedly appears at our bowling station with a clear chocolate martini concoction and asks me to try it out. Now this was over-the-top great service. In addition to making the first drink right, he goes one step beyond to give me another on the house.I guess the lost art of customer service was not lost at the Lucky Strike. Next time I'm in Vegas, I'm going there.
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  • Hey Ted...

    I'm not too sure that a bartender who gives away a free drink on top of making a reasonable service decision to replace your original drink is what most operators would consider cost effective.

    While I do support and admire the immediate response by a service provider with an appropriate response to a dissatisfied customer, it does not help the business financially to give product away.

    You may have shared with the bartender that you were a key player with FOHBOH and maybe his efforts were an overzealous move for a positive read online. However, your critique led off that the food is not so great and hinted that unless you get the right bartender, do not expect much on quality cocktails.

    Don’t mean to be a Grinch, but what did the bartender do to create future sales?

  • Ted, maybe if you stayed off the 'chick' drinks you're bowling would improve! LOL
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