Is Your Restaurant Remarkable?

purpleHave you noticed lately that the bar has been raised? Good enough just isn't good enough any more. Seth Godin is the wildly popular author of such marketing books as Purple Cow.The main idea behind Purple Cow is to stand out in your field (no pun intended). In other words if you want to be successful, you need to be Remarkable.Is your restaurant remarkable? You might have great food and great service but is your restaurant worth talking about? What do you offer that is truly different?More and more your customers are not buying the food or the service but the whole package. They are buying the experience that your restaurant offers. Have you purposefully crafted what type of experience your patrons will have or is it something that has evolved haphazardly?How much time do you spend every week trying to make your restaurant Remarkable?Good enough is just not good enough anymore.Make your restaurant something people want to talk about.
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  • Good points Andy. I might add to internal marketing the marketing you must do to your staff. Your staff can be your best or worst marketing tool.

    Thanks for commenting! How true that most restaurants start off with a band and then it as a slow fizzle to the bottom of the toilet many times.
  • A daily fight to be great.....but a fun one I must admit!

    It is no longer a "build it and they will come" world of restaurants. It is a "knock their socks off" and they will repeat and tell their friends. Jim Sullivan describes marketing as a three pronged attack.

    Preventative Marketing - what you do to keep the guests you already have

    External Marketing - What you do to "acquire" more guests

    Internal Marketing - what you do to keep the guests you get normally measured by how "REMARKABLE" you are to them!

    Four Walls greatness and you will be busy!

    Every restaurant I have ever opened started out with big sales and lots of staff. It is what we have done in the building that have grown or reduced those numbers.
  • Good point Kristin. People still eat out in a recession but many are much more choosy. All the better reason to be Remarkable!
  • i meant aren't not are up there... sorry
  • one major reason your restaurant has to be "remarkable" is that people are dining out as often as they used to--- especially in the Midwest and hometown America. The economy sucks and so do wages. I know personally I eat out 1/3 less than I used to because it is a luxury I can't afford anymore! It's hard when 85% of your enormous mortgage payment goes to interest alone! I'm def. not alone in my struggles either.
    So in order to get me out to eat (aka spend money) it has to be front page news or a major midnight-craving for my fav. restaurant
  • HI Michael..from what I see so far I agree. You not only have created something remarkable but you have also made it easy for your fans to spread the word.

    Thanks for creating this site!
  • I think FohBoh is a prodct of The Purple Cow and if that's not, then our Purple Cow is the FohBoh Bus. I love that book and we practice being unsafe regularly.
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