First to Market-Yes we are!

There is something very compelling and sexy about being "first to market". This phrase is hard to say in almost any other industry but technology. Imagine saying "we have a new restaurant concept that has never, ever, been done before. How often does that happen?

I love technology because with software, anything is possible. If that's true, then there will always be a "first-to-market".

FohBoh is a first-to-market in a relatively new industry called Online Social Networks. We combine Restaurants with technology to facilitate connection, communicationa nd commerce.

On January 1, 2008, we are doing something that has never been done before...a first-to-market. It's a rewards program that will compensate you for your activity on And, until we run out of the 1 million shares of shadow stock we have set aside, you can redeem the points for stock. Pretty cool!

So, until January 1st, join and get 5,000 points on the first of January as a free gift...1,000 points gets you 1 share. After the first, earn points as you participate. Let's make this a good year. And, tell your friends too.

For more information about points and rewards, see the Rewards link on the top navigation bar.

Happy Holidays.

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