When to drink 'vintage' port?

We've been 'hoarding' a bottle of a 1966 Warre's port - our dilemma is when to drink it? We can think of lots of occasions for drinking it, but is there going to be a 'perfect' age to do so? Now? In 5 years time?

And what Ports should we be 'laying down' now - we're drinking some nice 2000 vintages, should we be buying these for future dilemmas!
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  • The 1966 Warre's can still lay down for another 5 years without problem BUT I will not personally wait that long to appreciate now its freshness before the aromas start to fade down. For non Port aficionados - yet - this wine is the perfect reflection of the hard living in Portugal but in a surrounding that makes you drean about the place, overlooking the Douro river beneath the vineyards, you can not forget while looking at how hard the Portuguese work to live to make an identity for themselves. A great Vintage Port like this 1966 Warre's is a bottle that will transcende you to another world of flavors for a long time!
  • But when you get down to it vintage Port at auction or in some shops is nearly ALWAYS less expensive than quality or sought after table wines such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Super Tuscans or cult Napa wines, even if the vintage is old (20+ years). Plus with the complexity involved and the smaller pour size you can get a huge bang for your buck with Port. This is just my view of course.
  • A nice vintage port is like sunshine in a glass. Plenty of flavour, perfectly balanced with a rich sweetness. Just a pity it costs so much money...sigh.
  • Hi Surfer Girl, Port needs a bit of an image change, it shouldn't be associated with gentlemens clubs, colonial times etc. Thick yes (in a nice brandy kind of way), chewy - nah, drink a 20+ year old bottle and it melts in your mouth mmmmmmmmmm
  • Port huh? I have never even had port. Isn't it real thick and chewy?
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