Where is the National Sushi Chain?

P.F. Chang's seemingly came out of nowhere years ago to take a leadership position as the first national Chinese restaurant chain. Darden did the same thing years earlier with Olive Garden in the Italian segment. Even before that (now I'm showing my age) Victoria Station in the steak segment. So, I ask, who is it going to be in the Hot Hot Sushi segment.

  • Ra Sushi
  • Nobu
  • Mikuni's

Does P.F. Chang's have anything in the hopper? Will Darden re-concept 60 Smokey Bones?

Since leadership is up for grabs, let's make a list of all regional contenders. Who am I missing here?

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  • Michael: I have your answer about this blog.
    To me, it's a Buffet Sushi Chain. I would like to see a 50-150 seat chain setup like Benihana.

    That would rock. You could have parties with friends, or meet new ones and still have a small atmosphere style location.
  • National Chain Sushi makes me cringe due to the image of #10 cans of packed Tuna and other fish lining the storeroom.

    In Portland, Oregon there are a lot of sushi joints. Everyone and their brother has one. I frequent a few. However, the best for me is Mio Sushi on NW 23rd & Johnson. It has grown from 1 to 5 outlets in 13 years that I have been going to it. Only had ONE bad dish! The waitresses know my wife and I each time we come in. And we do not come in a lot since we try and have Kidless nights when we go!

    If it's kids, then we go to the sushi boat places that goes around and around. Elliot loves the tobiko/rice! Rachel likes "spicy". They do not get raw items.

    Overall, I like the hometown/small business & owner/chef resturants because they treat you like famliy and are very happy to see you! That's the ultimate tip!
  • I was thinking about the same thing recently. Having never eaten at Nobu, I can't speak to that (other than I know that it's Howard Stern's favorite restaurant).

    I would like to see Pei Wei (a subset of PF Changs) enter that market.
  • Yeah maybe. Chains can be cruel. But I would hope that the cream would rise to the top and the best sushi; chain or not, will win customers. Creativity isn't limited to independent restaurateurs and the 8:20 rule applies to selectivity. Creativity is the key, along with the three legs: food, service and ambiance (package).

    I am still curious who will be the P.F. Chang's of sushi?
  • National, I guess you mean the U.S? We have a few chains here in AU, but nothing national. Yaki Sushi is the best!
  • John Klacking from Reno, Nevada reminded me about Kona Grill as a growing sushi restaurant. Although it's not all Sushi.
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