Burning Out VS. Burning Bright!

In this business you can find yourself working a lot of hours as a manager! At the end of your 5, 6, or 7 days of working ten or more hours per shift, how do you keep the energy alive?

Remember, the management sets tone and energy for the restaurant! Every staff member checks the "Temperature of the restaurant" when they come in for the shift. Attitudes ARE contagious! Do you set the tone and energy for the restaurant? How do you do it?

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  • Well honestly I hug you and my whole shift starts out PERFECT!!! Then add a little ONG to the day and well what more could I ask for!!!! I LOVE YOU SHACKELTERD!!!
  • i hate to say that because before i was mgmt I hated thinking of myself as replaceable but it's true
  • i like your quote.... I used "EVERYBODY is replacable;"
  • It's hard... trust me when we opened the bar I work at I worked 120 hr weeks (basically open to close) and it's hard to stay level-headed and fair. The main bit of advice I can offer is to stay consistent. It's easy to slack off on rules or how you treat people when you are tired but you must stay consistent or people will walk all over you and take advantage of your mood. When people know what to expect for consistency from you then they won't push as many buttons as usual. I always tell my employees:" work like you want your job because if you don't someone else wants it."
    It's as simple as that... The nice thing about the bar/restaurant business is that there always people that want to work there and will work hard. Take away their money and you will see results. Oh yeah reward and encourage the people who deserve it regularly and be firm with punishment but don't be a debbie downer. If you reward the responsible hard-workers frequently others will follow because they will desire the same treatment...eventually
  • I try try try what do you think I am postive most the time. You handle it well. Would it be ok if I pick up Brittney Obrian hosting shift Friday???
  • smile, smile, smile
    if you can not smile pretend
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