2005 BORDEAUX!.... to drink or to invest?....

OH YES.... Robert Parker and many other wine critics after tasting in Bordeaux, raved about the high quality of the 2005 Bordeaux.

Another vintage of the Century, already!

Well, my experience of tasting many wines a week - especially when I travelled to France - confirme that statement of high quality vintage.

Now, the prices went to the roof after release - whoever bought during the "primeur" campaign (buying wine while still in barrels at prices below the release price - usually 15% below), the investment brings a relative good return, prices are now up 25% already and still climbing.

The allocation of the most quested classified growths (aka Lafite, Latour, Cheval Blanc etc...) is so small that those wines are even higher priced than the most prized Napa red (Harlan, Screaming Eagle, Colgin etc...).

But why buying to resell when some of those wines are going to give you such pleasure in 10 years. Most of the Bordeaux produced today are less and less earthy and are drinkable at early stage in their life. Moreover, those prized wines can not only be enjoyed earlier but can also aged for a long time - such tasting profile does not even flirt with most of the US red produced today.

So if you are interested in buying 2005 Bordeaux, you must do so. There are importers - like one I know very well as I am working with them - that have bought such an inventory (no, it is not Chateaux & Estate, but its closest competitor) that you have access to great prices and still quantity in some of the highly prized Chateaux.

This is worth the quest for long tasting pleasure!

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  • Good to know. As I've been out of an operating position in restaurants for several years, I've noticed the first thing to suffer is my repoir with wine. We're just not as close as we used to be. Lol. I do really miss getting to taste new stuff every week, even if I have been limited to what's available in Kansas.
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