59 Free Cocktail Menu Templates For Your Bar

If you run a bar and you don’t have a cocktail menu, you are leaving A LOT of money on the table. Cocktails allow you to take an ordinary spirit, add an ingredient or two and charge a lot more than you normally would.Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the extra margins cocktails can give you? I came across this great free website during the week that allows you to choose from over 50 different professionally designed cocktail menus, add your own cocktails, prices, logos, descriptions and anything else you want, or just select from over 100 of the most popular cocktails already available on their website and simply print it out!You are also able to create your own recipe cards with all the instructions needed to create your cocktails! I tried it out myself and it’s really easy to use, so if you don’t have a cocktail menu in place right now, you can have one in minutes and it can be on your bar counter before close of business today!Here’s the website:
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